Thursday, January 7, 2010

The First Laundry Day

We purchased our washing machine and refrigerator a week before the wedding since we were scared that delivery might take more than a week because of the holidays. Both appliances were delivered a day after the scheduled date because Abenson said that the truck had to be repaired.

Installed the washing machine with the help of Mom's all around helper Rommel. We also had him make a stand for us so that the bottom of the machine won't get wet when the water goes out. It took us more than a week to get to our laundry because we were out most of the time due to family activities and the holidays (yup we haven't had our honeymoon yet).

Got up early this morning and set my sight on the huge mountain of laundry that had gathered outside of the bathroom. After a hearty breakfast I set the motion of setting up the washing machine by connecting the hose to the faucet and Sweetie did the honors of plugging in the appliance.

My Mom and Aunt arrived and supervised a bit when I put in the detergent, Del and some clothes. Filled up the tub with about a third of clothes - 2 pairs of jeans, a couple of shirts, house clothes and a bag of underwear. Choose the fuzzy program (washing machine AI) and ceremoniously pressed on the start button. Watched the water come in a bit and then went back inside, Sweetie went upstairs because the phone was ringing.

And then I heard a loud noise coming from the washing machine. It was going wild! It looked like it wanted to jump out of the stand, roll over and die. The noise and vibration was so loud I shouted out to Sweetie to come down and check out what was happening. He held on to the washing machine so it wouldn't shake so bad while I contacted Samsung's customer support.

Samsung's customer support passed me on to their technical support and they asked just two questions: (1) whether the washing machine was on even ground; and (2) about the load. I told him that the washing machine was on an 8 inch stand which we had customized and that I filled up the tub just about a third-full. Customer service also mentioned that the load may not have been balanced. During that time I heard that the washing machine was spinning again and making loud clanky noises.

I ran back downstairs and paused the cycle and looked in to check the load. Since it was already rinsed and almost dry I cancelled the rest of the cycle and turned off the appliance. And then Sweetie and I hung up the clothes.

Lesson learned: do not overload your washing machine. You should consider that the clothes you put in should weigh at the capacity of the machine when wet. 

I hope when I get enough courage to do the laundry again things will work out fine.

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