Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The First Month

You must be wondering what happened to the new mister and missus after our last post. We left for Singapore our mini-honeymoon (just a mini one since I spent half of the time at work). That one week was a welcome respite from the daily misadventures (a.k.a. chores) we had been experiencing.

After we came back we had to deal with all the chores that we left undone and work on my Mom's bilins since she and my Dad were leaving for a very long vacation. So we're currently managing TWO households. Yikes.

We'll be posting our other (mis) adventures and achievements as we go along. The first month wasn't so bad since we kinda cheated a lot - had lots of leftovers from family gatherings and the laundry and ironing was done by my Mom's helper at her house since the washing machine had to be repaired (great excuse huh).

And I dedicate this song for our first month together:

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