Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gardening 101

When we moved the only plants in our place were 2 bougainvillas and a couple of weeds. We were so busy fixing our new home we didn't have any time to buy some plants for the tiny ledge and garden.

We were surprised though by my Mom. She left 5 beautiful angel flower plants on the ledge just in time for our house blessing. Eventually she also planted some oregano in between the angel plants and they grew really fast. We've been diligently watering our plants, but had to re-pot them with my Mom's help (she volunteered because she had a bad feeling we might kill the plants!).

To start off your garden you can choose a couple of low-maintenance plants from a nearby gardening store.

We so far have an angel plant, a couple of cactus', oregano and the 2 bougainvillas. We also got some mint and basil during our trip to Tagaytay.

It would also help if you re-pot them. Clay pots are less expensive than plastic pots from department stores/handyman shops. The small and medium standard pots are just about PhP10-20 each. A sack of mixed soil is PhP50.

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