Monday, March 8, 2010


I never thought I’d start writing about cooking but things have changed drastically in the past two months and I can proudly say that I have learned how to cook! I’m no wido when it comes to cooking since I can only get by if I have a cook book in front of me. There’s one dish though that I have learned to cook by intuition.


I’d say though that I learned how to cook sinangag from my Dad. His rule is, “Use leftovers!” My first cooking attempt was supposed to produce sinangag. Unfortunately our electric stove scared us so we ended microwaving the ingredients. It turned out okay but it was fake sinangag. Eventually we got our electric stove working and I finally got to experiment on my very own sinangag. Here's my favorite home-made recipe:

left-over rice
egg (2 if there's a lot of leftover)
mixed peas/carrots/corn (a small frozen pack will get you through 2-3 cookings)
Knorr Magic Sarap (just half a pack)
minced garlic
olive oil (or butter)

How I Cook It:
Saute garlic in olive oil and then add the mixed peas/carrots/corn. Add the rice and then mix in the Knorr Magic Sarap and egg. Saute everything together.

It's so easy to make! Miguel thought the sinangag I made was something I brought home as leftover from North Park! Teehee!

I've also used leftovers to make sinangag. Here are some variations I've done:
1. Adobo sinangag (my boys like soup-y adobo so we always have leftover adobo sauce)
2. Afritada sinangag
3. Ham or Maling sinangag (plus egg)

If you don't really know how to cook (like me!), sinangag is definitely something you can experiment on =)

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