Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another Insecticide Fiasco

After the washing machinesmokin' sink and septic tank fiasco I thought we got things down pat already. I've been focusing on learning more new dishes to cook and have become an expert in doing the laundry. Some chores have been delegated to a cleaning lady who comes in once a week.

The other day I asked our cleaning lady to open the sink cabinets and sweep it. We rarely open those cabinets since I decided not to place anything there. I noticed that there was quite a lot of "powdered wood" when she opened it and I immediately called my Mom to see if we can have it checked by Manong Jose (our trusty carpenter/electrician/all-around guy).

Manong Jose swung by late yesterday afternoon and checked the sink. He said he didn't see any termites and said that he didn't see any, but would place a little termite insecticide anyway. I was working in the dining area when he was doing this. After placing some insecticide he left and I continued to work on the dining table.

A few minutes later I felt my eyes getting teary eyed and I started to smell the insecticide fumes. I then packed up and went upstairs to continue working. I still managed to do some work but started to feel dizzy. I then SMSd Jay and told him that I wasn't feeling well. He told me to get some rest. I moved to our room and kept my laptop open and did a Google search on poisoning. I wanted to stay awake until one of the boys arrived, but after a few minutes I just blacked out.

Miguel arrived an hour later and found me asleep. I managed to tell him what happened and told him to stay with me first. Jay arrived soon after and took care of dinner. It took about 16 hours before I felt fine.

So cooking has been suspended until the kitchen is pesticide fume-free. Another hard lesson learned. I'm just glad they didn't have to rush me to the hospital.

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