Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baking Meat and Fish

When we moved to a new home I was happy to find out that my new electric over had a proper place. I wasn't able to bake that much in our old home because I was afraid that something bad might happen since the oven was set on top of a wooden buffet table. The table would feel really warm whenever I baked and I couldn't find any heat resistant pads anywhere.

I lost no time and tried to impress the boys by baking dinner two nights in a row. The first night I tried my hand at baking some porkchop. I was quite confident since I had on hand "Hunt's Hickory and Honey Barbecue Sauce". It turned out pretty okay, but I forgot to place salt and pepper! Haha.

I actually wanted to grill the tuna belly, but Sweetie refused to bring out the grill (coz he has to clean it up after I cook), so I ended up baking the tuna belly. It was online cooking mentors from Plurk who taught me what to mix as marinade - soy sauce, garlic, calamansi, salt and pepper and I added some kecap manis to sweeten it up a bit.

Here's how it looked after we baked it. It was gone in a jiffy after I served it! Haha.

Second attempt on baking porkchop tonight. Already placed salt and pepper on the meat and will add the sauce before I bake it.

Making this post made me hungry!

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  1. Ate Aileen, what you can also do is bake the porkchop seasoned with just salt and pepper. Heat the sauce in a sauce pan. Brush the hot sauce on the baked pork chop. :)