Thursday, June 9, 2011

Menudo Espesyal

Last night I got the chance to watch Nestle's short film anthology, "Kasambuhay Habambuhay" and they gave out limited edition recipe books! I was so excited about receiving a new recipe book and scanned through it before I slept and told myself I'll try one of the recipes today.

The recipes were not arrange alphabetically nor by ingredients. It was arranged in a very Pinoy fashion - Pangtawid, Pang-baon, Pambiglang Bisita, Pang-Pasko, Pang-Sikat etc.. The Menudillo Itlog caught my eye since I like dishes with hard-boiled egg. I studied the recipe during lunch, but unfortunately I didn't have any ground pork. I didn't want to substitute it with ground beef so I just looked for another recipe.

I had all the ingredients for the Menudo Espesyal save for pork liver. Sweetie doesn't like liver so I decided to leave it out. What made the recipe different is the addition of longganisa macau and fried cubed potatoes. I decided to use the Mandarin chorizo I got from Cebu (I just assumed it's the same hehe) and cubed 2 potatoes.

I fried the potatoes first so that the pan would be hot already once I start cooking the menudo. It took me about an hour and half to finish, but it turned out well since I marinated the meat for over an hour before I started cooking. Here's the outcome -

I got two thumbs up from my boys for this special menudo. 

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