Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Magic Mop

I was doubtful about the magic mop (or the 360 mop). I didn't even want to try it out because it's too expensive. Last December though SM had a sale and sold the mops at 50% off. We were moving then and I knew that our new floors would need to be mopped at least once a week so I bought one.

Before we moved in I decided to give the mop a spin. Good thing the service crew at SM gave me a walk-through so I knew more or less how to use it. I just put some water in the pail, a cap-full of cleanser, dipped the mop and let the water drain a bit through the spinner. I mopped-dipped-drained for a good 15 minutes and I was really happy with the results.

What I like best about this mop is I don't need to manually wring the water out of the mop head. That's one thing I hated to do whenever I had to do some mopping. I hated it so much I'd borrow my Mom's helper to mop for me (haha).

Now I like mopping :)