Friday, March 8, 2013

Furniture: Bed for Your Child

In my past life my Mom and I used to export furniture and houseware and at times I had to design items we sold based on what clients needed. When we moved to a smaller home we had to give up most of our furniture since it wouldn't fit in. We only brought our dining table. We hunted for beds that doubled as storage but the few we saw just didn't meet our expectations.

We ended up having our beds custom made. My son wanted his bed to double as a desk too. I was quite apprehensive about it since he's a really big kid. Well I remembered I wanted a similar bed when I was a kid so I indulged, besides he chose the smallest room in the house and we had to maximize space. The store had a designer so I gave him instructions on what we wanted.

It took almost 2 months to get the bed because the store missed their promised delivery dates several times and we were out of the country. They finally delivered it in early February and my son was really happy about how the bed turned out. We'll have to install a wall fan so he could get more air when he sleeps.

Wood: Mahogany
Price: PhP28,000
Store: I'm still quite annoyed about their late delivery so I'm not mentioning them 
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  1. Hey, great list ! For furniture lovers - just saw Ante Furniture and Lighting opening another store

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