Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kilig Heaven

It's quite hard to translate the Filipino word kilig to English. Even Google Translate gives an inaccurate translation "hoity-toity". But I think it's more appropriate to say that kilig means the lovey-dovey warm, fuzzy feeling. Or something like that. There are just some Filipino words that are impossible to translate.

I've been watching "Please Be Careful with My Heart" the last few weeks since I' stuck at home recuperating. I must admit I wasn't really interested to watch the show but I had a change of heart when I got the chance to watch. ABS-CBN really took a risk when they paired up Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap. The gamble paid off though because it's one of the most watched shows locally. I can say my Mom's friends cannot be bothered to meet up before lunch because of the show.

Today's episode was one of those times that I felt really kilig. I kept making kilig sounds while watching and the bagets was looking at me strangely. I told him, "I'm in kilig heaven!" He just shook his head and went back to reading. After watching the show I thought I'd reminisce about the time I met Sweetie and the many kilig moments we've had. One thing I really appreciate is the fact that Sweetie continues to write me notes every single day. In paper when I'm at home and virtually through email when we're apart. He's kept his promise to do this every single day because all the love letters he wrote for me before we married perished during Typhoon Ondoy.


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