Thursday, January 23, 2014

Simple Kani Salad Recipe

We've been ordering kani salad from the neighborhood Japanese restaurant, so I thought I should finally learn how to make it myself. After hoarding cucumber from the Baguio public market I worked on gathering the other ingredients. I didn't expect though that I'd have to hunt for it (just like the tempura stuff). Anyway, I managed to find all the ingredients thanks to my online friends!


2-3 cucumber (next time I'll try the Japanese cucumber, but I got my stock from Baguio)
kani (got it from SM Hypermarket)
mango (got it in a gas station at NLEX)
Japanese mayonnaise (found it in Rustan's Supermarket)
3 leaves lettuce (optional)
Fish roe (I skipped this)

How to

(1) Peel the cucumber. Cut julienne style using a peeler. Don't use the part with seeds. Let the juice drain using a strainer before you mix with other ingredients.

(2) Cut up the mango in cubes. Eat the middle part (bone). (Cooks privilege!).

(3) Divide kani into strips.

(4) Place lettuce on the bottom of a bowl. Layer on cucumber, then add mayonnaise and arrange kani and mango on top.

(5) Take a photo. Mix. Then eat!

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