Monday, August 11, 2014

Easy Recipe: Orange Chicken

I didn't know how to cook before Sweetie and I tied the knot and I learned how to cook by watching videos on YouTube (thanks for the tip Dominic Ochoa!). My first real dish (because it's not fried eggs/hotdog/ham etc.) was adobo and I perfected it by watching several videos (see Komikero's adobo video).

Today I have a collection of recipes I pull out whenever I have time to cook. They've become staple food, but I still lookout for new recipes to try and last Friday Google Philippines posted this recipe by "The Fat Kid Inside" Erwan Heussaff -

It's a very simple recipe so I decided to try it out last weekend. I skipped the coriander though since I couldn't find any in the supermarket (we noticed also there's a chicken supply problem!). And here's what I came up with -


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