Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasal: Kristian and Stefanie

Congratulations and best wishes to our dear friends from Kalibo, Kristian and Stefanie. #KriStef tied the knot last February 11 in Kalibo! It was also an exciting day for us as it was our first time to become principal sponsors for a wedding (well Aileen did). We pray for a blessed marriage for the two of you!


  1. this is so adorable to see a couple make a blog. i really love your blog and i hope both of you stay together and have a happy life. keep us updated with more from you

  2. Awww! what a cute couple and what a lovely ceremony. Both look really good together. Such a commited couple making a blog and all. Really brings tears to my eyes

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